Have paper in driver’s side window listing: 

      • Order number
      • Name from order
      • Have your Payment Method ready (SNAP or SENIOR) and
      • Any additional information needed to complete your order



    Drive-thru opens Saturday at 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

    Remain in your vehicle at all times.

    Before you arrive, clear your vehicle’s trunk or truck bed to make room for your order.

    From Morgan St pull in to the alley next to Norris Park Pavilion.

    Drive-Thru & have your information ready to show staff. Pull up to the service table to process payment using SNAP or SENIOR cards.

    Unlock your trunk, and we will load your vehicle with your order.

    You MUST wear a mask if in-person interactions are needed.

    Exit drive-thru lane onto N Water Ave. 

    If you do not pick up your order by 10:45 AM Saturday your items will be donated to the community. You’re welcome to have someone else pick up your order if you cannot arrive during the scheduled pick up time. The person picking up the order will need the order number and name; and payment if needed.

    Due to circumstances the online market is not offering refunds for no show pick-ups. No Cancellations for orders.

    SNAP & SENIOR orders will have three strikes for NO SHOW pick ups. If you are a 3x repeat offender for not picking up your SNAP or SENIOR orders you will not be able to order using TFM online market.